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Feminist Approaches in Culture and Politics is an online peer-reviewed feminist journal, published once in every four months. Feminist Approaches critically analyzes social hierarchies from a feminist perspective and thus aims to contribute to the gender equality. As an editorial policy, Feminist Approaches promotes diversity and adopts an anti-militarist and democratic stance. The main aim of the journal is to provide a meeting point for feminist theory and feminist activism. Taking into account the different ways that contributors may prefer for expressing themselves, Feminist Approaches doesn’t have a limitation on the format for the works to be submitted to the journal. Interviews, stories, caricatures, commentaries and other forms of expression are as welcome as scientific articles.

The content of the journal is recommended by the editorial board and decided in the working group. Scientific articles submitted to journal go through a peer-review process and the authors can sometimes be asked to revise their articles. Feminist Approaches applies positive discrimination in favor of women and LGBTQ individuals in the journal and priority is given to the texts written by these groups.

Privacy and Security Policy

– Citation is not allowed without any references to the name of the journal and the author.

– Authors are responsible for their articles that appear in the journal.

– All rights reserved. No part of the journal can be reproduced (including photocopying, recording, data storage) for commercial or any other purpose in any format.

Feminist Approaches in Culture and Politics
Published Once Every Four Months – Local Edition
ISSN: 1307-0932

In the name of
Boğaziçi Gösteri Sanatları Organizasyon Eğitim ve Yayıncılık Hizmetleri Ticaret LTD.ŞTİ

Ülker Uncu

Managing Editor
Özlem Aslan

Editorial Board
Ayça Günaydın
Fahriye Dinçer
Özlem Aslan
Seda Saluk
Zeynep Kutluata

Working Group

Ayten Sönmez

Esra Aşan

Öykü Tümer

Ronay Bakan 

Previous Working Group Members

Burcu Tokat

Canan Tanır

Güliz Türkoğlu

Şebnem Keniş

Uğur Demirci

Advisory Board
Arzu Öztürkmen
Aslı Kayhan
Birsen Talay
Cynthia Enloe
Dilek Direnç
Elif Şafak
Esra Danacıoğlu
Fatmagül Berktay
Fatmagül Demirel
Gülay Günlük Şenesen
Hülya Gülbahar
Jale Parla
Joan Wallach Scott
Judith Butler
Karin Karakaşlı
Maggie Ronayne
Nazan Üstündağ
Nükhet Sirman
Oya Dinçer Durmuş
Sevilay Saral
Shahrzad Mojab
Sibel Irzık
Şemsa Özar
Zeynep Çağlayan Gambetti

Cover Design
Selin Aydınoğlu

Songül Tuncalı

In memory of our editorial team member Derya Demirler, and our advisory board members, Tanya Reinhart and Cynthia Cockburn…